Adobe Camera Raw and Aperture

Ok.. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because if what I am saying is actually true, then Aperture has some seriously frustrating issues.
I use Aperture 3 to organize my photos and to do minor corrections, but the majority of my photo editing takes place in Photoshop CS5. I shoot in Raw so I expect to be able to use Adobe's wonderful Camera Raw plugin before opening a photo in Photoshop.
Aperture gives you the ability to edit a photo in Photoshop and have the edited photo go back into Aperture. Thats a great feature. Unfortunately, it seems that if I try to send a raw photo from aperture to photoshop, it will not open in the Adobe Camera Raw plug in. It simply opens in photoshop. If I just drag the thumbnail from aperture into photoshop, it will open the camera raw dialogue and everythings great.. but if I do it that way, it will not update in aperture once I am done editing.
It would be totally fine if I could just save the photoshop file and reimport it into aperture, but when I do that, it just shows up as a blank white photo, instead of the actual photo.
So long story short there is no way to use Aperture AND adobe camera raw. I don't want to use Bridge.
or is there???? Please give me a solution here or I want my money back.
Or is there a way to reopen the camera raw function in photoshop, once the photo is already opened?
Thanks for your help!

I understand your concern, as I wondered the same thing. You might want to read
regarding a possible workflow for your situation (altho' they are using CS3, not CS5).
I use CS4 but want to move to CS5 to get the additional features of ACR (excellent noise reduction, lens-specific aberration controls, etc.) Thus, my interest in using ACR vs AP3 for some of my images.
I know now that AP3 is doing RAW processing at the moment of import, and that 'file' is no longer able to be processed by ACR via AP3. I was wondering about your trick of dragging the thumbnail to Photoshop and having it open in ACR. I cannot duplicate this, and I've tried different methods. If I could do this, that would be half the battle. (Can you enlighten me?) I will also take a look at Catapult.
I know of no way to open ACR while an image is open in Photoshop (APS). The plugin seems to kick in only when you open it from Bridge or the Finder.
Regarding the blank white photo, I'm assuming it is a PSD with no thumbnail. I have seen this when I import 'old' PSD's into AP3. I fixed this by going into the Preferences in APS, under File Handling/File Compatibility make sure you set 'Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility' to 'Always'. Then, you must open the blank white photo files and Save As... the same file name to overwrite the blank one. You should then see the thumbnail. (Also in APS Preferences, set File Saving Options, Image Preview to 'Always Save').
Granted, not having the option of easily using ACR is a tough pill to swallow for those of us who are in the Bridge/APS camp. I will readily forgo the 'pleasures' of using Bridge for AP3. I will NEVER give up APS since I need layers and graphic/text capabilities it offers. So a smooth interaction between AP3 and APS is a must for me. However, AP3 offers so much more than Lightroom, that I won't look back, now that I've made the switch. Good luck!