Adobe Flash Player Update Service 11.3 r300 has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are

I get following message:
  Adobe® Flash® Player Update Service 11.3 r300 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
How can I solve this?

Listen. This service is, has been and seemingly will be: FREE. So while emotions are running on the hot side of the guage, let's remember; it is FREE. Adobe owes no one anything. Now who's to blame, really? We, the people are to blame. Why? Because everyone has been ok with the fact that one company essentially designed and released a technology for streaming from the net. One company. And almost all of us are using this one company's technology to stream; for FREE.
But now we are not ok with it when, after we are prompted to update, we have the issue of it not working? We all never saw the ridiculously high potential for this one company to screw things up, intentionally or otherwise? What the ramifications, that we are now experiencing, might be? Nah, we just took it for granted that we would continue to be served. Well the serve came, everyone. Mistake or otherwise.
It's like this country [US], up until four-years ago. Everyone was either running around with snow shovels and hefty garbage bags to gather all the money they were making or sailing the seas of expectation and an, 'I am out there to get mine' attitude, and then the sh*t hits the fan and now people are complaining? About the very system until four years ago was spoon feeding them poolside with mai-tai's? While it was crushing everyone else in the known world?
No doubt it seems incredulous that a multi-billion dollar company has an IT department that would include in an update, for their own software, that would be inconducive to working. No doubt. But keep in mind: we are all either using browsers by Apple or MS. Anything happens to these browsers, including a virus or anything else that threatens our use of them and...?
So climb off the haughty, 'I deserve' crap and walk on the solid ground of trying to resolve this issue here at Adobe and around the net. If we were to band together, as the 99%, we could solve this, no problem. But then that holds true with resolving this fictitious economic downturn nonsense, that we solidly take for truth at face value, because our mainstream media says so. But no other species on this rock flying through space would know what the f*ck we were talking about.