BDC ---Data maintainance at flat file

Hi All,
Iam a BI resource learning ABAP.
I have started learning abap in that currently working with BDC.
Here iam trying to extract data from flat file(note pad) for practice purpose and extraxting data by session method fore ground process.
Here in flat file i want to maintain two table of data and want to insert this data in related tables.
i have created note pad file
for vendor data and customer data have maintained data horizontally like
lifnr    name1     land1     kunnr    name1   land1
1      xx               US      2        yyyy            UK
Finally the data is geting inserted in the lfa1 and kna1 table are like
lifnr 1 record s at vendor table and kunnr2 record is at customer table.
but now i want to maintain data at note pad as in vertical like
lifnr    name1     land1 (not maintaining these fileds in note pad only values giving in note pad)
1      xx               US
kunnr    name1   land1
2        yyyy            UK
So is there any way to maintain my data in note pad like this.
please advice.

I hope i understood you well, you want to maintain many records in your flat file you are still able to pick them all.  Please elaborate what you mean by maintaining your records in vertical format???
Vendor file
Customer file
The two sets of data seem to be different ie Customer and Vendor thus i think you should maintain the two as separate files and pick both at the same time.
Isaac Prince