Boot camp restart gets stuck on apple logo/prohibited logo/? folder help

I'm currently running OS X (lion) and I'm trying to install windows 7 via boot camp assistant. After creating a Win7 install disk via a bootable USB flash drive and creating my partition via the assistant. The computer restarts and goes into the load screen instead of the windows install process. It then flips between the Apple logo, Prohibited logo, and ? file not found folder. Could some one help me out and let me know whats going on. Thanks in advance!  (I would try to install it via CD/DVD but the drive doesn't work.)

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First of all, you can't install Windows from an USB drive on a Mac with the SuperDrive. To start on OS X, press Option key while the Mac is starting and select Macintosh HD. Finally, open Boot Camp Assistant to delete the Boot Camp volume and take the Mac to an Apple Store to get the SuperDrive repaired