Crystal Report Chart not showing up in Web Portal

I have a created a chart using Crystal Reports(runs fine in Crystal) and published it on our Report Server. When I went to look at the report on our Web portal, the text objects were visible however the chart was not. Portal is in JSF technology (IceFaces) on JBoss server.
Anyone know why this happening?
I founded post
[Re: Crystal Viewer in Servlet does not show graphics|Re: Crystal Viewer in Servlet does not show graphics]
I have this in web.xml
But in URL like this one
I haven't file "crystalimagehandler.jsp" I also didn't found "crystal7652571164231307864.png" file. how to resolve this problem?

Yes I did. I created file "crystalreportviewers115" in my "WEB-INF" and coped there all file from "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\4.0\crystalreportviewers12\".
In tutorial which i founded [here|] they saying that I must copy file "crystalreportviewers115" but in my case I have "crystalreportviewers12" and:
- ChartSupport
- java
- managed
In my case i haven't file "crystalreportviewers115" but "crystalreportviewers12".
In eclipse the structure of my app (its "Dynamic Web Project") looks like:
- myapp:
_______ src
_______ crystalreportviewers115
_______ WebContent:
_________________ WEB-INF
Any advice?