Disappointed by nokia product and support

Nokia you cheated me. I bought c6-00 14000 INR. But not worthy to what I paid. Due to this customer dissatisfaction you lost global market share. You strong in hardware but failed in os innovation. I don't known what is obstructing you from taking decision.
Now I afraid to buy your most high ends phone lumia 920 after I got bad and difficult experience by using nokia c6.
Already one of my friend has been facing glitches using lumia 610.
Correct your organization else you would loose your place in the market.
If you found any mistake in this message, it due your phone only.
I have been cheated by you

You can't really base your experience with the C6-00 and the 920. The two have completely different OS's. WP8 on the 920 is a great experience and I'm sure you'd like it if you gave it a try.