Download a XML file from Web Services Using Flex

Hi All...
I am new for flex, im developing a windows application using Flex/Air, i have connected the web services with user authentication, now I want to download a xml file using web services in flex,
how can i do this?? please reply...
Thanks in advance

Hi All....
I have done this myself using sample tutorials...
here is the code for your reference guys
          plyLoginName = txtEmailIdDownload.text;                
                 var urlpath:String = new String("your url p?LoginName=");
                urlpath = new String(urlpath.concat(plyLoginName));
                urlpath = new String(urlpath.concat("&PlayerType="));
                urlpath = new String(urlpath.concat(chkseasonvalue));
            var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(urlpath)
            var fileRef:FileReference = new FileReference();           
  'File downloaded Successfully');   
             txtEmailIdDownload.text = "";
            txtPWDownload.text = "";