Drivers/Help for HP LaserJet 1022 for Windows 7 (64 bit)

I have a LaserJet 1022 which doesn't work with recently upgraded Windows 7 (64 bit). I downloaded  the drivers from the site, but the printer properties in Windows says that it doesn't need drivers, yet it doesn't appear in my list of printers when I go to the print dialog.  When I run the plug & Play basic driver wizard, it stalls at the point where it asks user to connect the device.  Despite the device being connected (and displaying in Printers and Devices) the wizard just hangs at this point, and I have to cancel setup. Please help, I have to have a printer, and the reason why I chose this Laserjet is specifically because it is easy to install.

I dont think replacing it is in order quite yet See if the document helps provide a resolution and if not post back with any new details and we can move onto the next step from there.
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