Error -3 / Itunes wont open after updated with Quicktime 7

I have been having problems with my Quicktimes for over a month. I was unale to take my son to his favortie websites. I was able to disable quicktime as a default, but now two things have happend. I can't open up Itunes, and now I can't hear any sound when I go to my son's favorite website. This happened a few days after I disabled it. I removed, and reinstalled Itunes, it wouldn't open, it said that I need to update. I updated it, and it still wont open. WhenI try to internal repair it it tells my error -3. Please help, I am about to lose my mind!
Thanks in advance
ipod mini Windows XP

hi geraldo!
When I click change/remove in Add/Remove programs to try to uninstall my older QT the Installshield window momentarily flashes followed by no action.
good lord. a silent failure? that's a little odd.
... so let's check on some odd possibilities first.
check to see if you've got Windows Installer 3.1v2 on your PC. the easiest way to do that is to head to your Add/Remove programs control panel (don't remove anything ... we're just looking), and check to see if "(KB893803)" is showing up next to the entry for Windows Installer. if it is, you're fine. if not, see:
Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) is available
... let's also check on these possibilities (although the KB docs are about installs, they can apply to uninstalls too):
iTunes 5 and QuickTime 7 for Windows: Installation won't work if Cygwin is running
QuickTime for Windows: Uninstall QuickTime 3 or 4 before installing QuickTime 7
iTunes 5 and QuickTime 7: Can't install on a computer with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Japanese)
if any of those seem to be relevant to your PC, does the QT uninstall go a bit better afterwards?
love, b