FIOS TV Multi Room DVR Video On Demand errors

I recently activated FIOS TV (already had FIOS Internet and Freedom phone) and received 5 STBs (1-QIP7216-1 DVR, two HD STBs a second HD DVR (QIP-6400 and a standard def STB) connected via COAX (MoCA) to an Actiontec Gen2 wireless router. Since the TV service install 1 month ago I have been on the phone with FIOS tech support at least a dozen times trying to resolve intermitent internet connectivity problems and most recently issues with FIOS TV features (i.e. Video on demand and multi-room DVR configurations). The Video on Demand issues would manifest as VOD_6 (request timeouts). Each time I worked with tech support to reset the router, power off the STB, etc and sometimes the VOD service would activate.
Last week VOD failed again and the FIOS tech I spoke to was havnig difficulties remotely connecting to my STBs (a common situation from previous tech support calls). He dispatched a technician to visit my home to check DB levels for each of my STBs. The field tech arrived two days ago and brought a new QIP7216-1 and a new router. It took over an hour for him to get them working even with help from remote support (they couldn't "see" the STBs). Once they were able to flush out the issues, he departed but unfortunately he left without enabling the multi-room DVR functionality. I called FIOS support yesterday and the remote technician had significant difficulties getting the "system" to recognize my configuration and he eventually broke off our call so he could escalate to Video support. He called me back hours later once he felt that they had resolved all the configuration issues and when I checked everything seemed to be working.
This morning I tried to program my DVD from my Verizon cellphone (this was working last week) and the DVR displayed a message that my account was not authorized. I called into FIOS support and the automated service attempted repair which included a "reload" of the STB firmware. Once the automated system felt I should be able to continue I noticed that the Video on Demand error VOD_5 happened when I tried to select it and now the option for Remote DVR programming is nolonger available on any menu!
I called back to tech support and the technician had me unplug and restart the STB but he was having issues remotely accessing the STB. He broke off the call explaining that he needed to escalate to Video Networking specialists and I'm awaiting his call back.
I am wondering if my experience is common and whether someone else has encountered (and resolved) these frustrating issues. I can't believe that Verizon expects users to have to re-boot routers and STBs anytime a feature is accessed. Hopefully one of the Verizon employees who monitor these forums can see some commonality and suggest a course of action that will bring relief. I have spent more hours troubleshooting my configuration than I've enjoyed the entertainment offerings, Please help! 

Hi gr8scot,
Since my original post I can attest that I've made it through 2 weeks without any error messages or unavailable features (fingers and toes crossed) . I can identify with your frustration and hope that once they exorcise the demons from your configuration (if you hang on) it seems that eventually the solution stabilizes. 
In my case I found some help by contacting the Verizon Customer Relations team at 800-483-7988. Once I got these folks engaged I can say that my blood pressure returned to lower levels as they were in daily communications with me until I was satisfied that my issues were resolved. 
It's unfortunate that it had to get to that point for me (and for you too) but it was fairly apparent that something about my equipment configuration was confused within the Verizon FIOS provisioning applications (my issues seem to have developed around the time of any equipment or service changes). I spoke to some very dedicated and personable FIOS tech support agents (unfortunately I actually got to know them very well after spending hours on the phone). It was clear to me that they were doing the best that they could and the issues were way above their toolset and my big beef was the lack of communication that happened once the first level folks had to pass the problem off to either the "network group" or the developers. 
Good luck and hope we both can eventually get to enjoy our entertainment systems.