Firmware upgrade for Nokia 6280

I would like to know do we have firmware upgrade for Nokia 6280 as my present one is 3.65 and would like to upgrade it to 5.92 and I am in India
Could you please help me out.

updating to new firmware depends on product code which represents your region of purchasing, language pack and if it's branded or not .... so NOKIA releases firmwares and release it for every product code depending on mentioned points
you can check for updates @ :
To find what the latest available device software is, you’ll need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery (e.g. CODE: 0520001).
if your phone is branded with an operator, that means that you should go to the operator care center and ask them, not NOKIA
some updates delay in some countries variant product code, as it requires more effort to add language pack to it like "example. China Japan Korea" or it needs the country to approve it due to its policy
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