Freezing Nokia Software Updater

i have got a problem with the nokia software updater. anytime i launch it to update my n70 to the latest software it just freezes. i havent been able to load the latest firmware on my n70. any help will be greatly apprieciated.

i seem to have the same problem updating my nokia 6288. First i tried running the software on my xp machine but it said that there was insufficient memory to run the package (which is rubbish cause the machine has plenty of power).
Next, i tried the updater on my vista machine. It opens and runs (version 1.4.0 en) but then freezes. If i close and then open the updater a few more times then it manages to get to the next screen. But then it freezes on the "identifying connected phone screen" this is really annoying. The phone is connected correctly and is recognized by both the operating system in windows explorer and by the nokia pc suite so I can only assume that it is a bug with the nokia software updater.
Any help would be useful.