How do download Nokia Maps files for Nokia C6-00 o...

Recently I found an update files to my Nokia C6-00 Nokia Maps file,
I stucked at 81MB of 99MB and prompted the download is timeout.
I have fail download for 3 times.
Is there any where I can download the file manually for Malaysia map ?
Thank you.

Assuming that your C6-00 is running Nokia Maps v3.06 here you are Malaysia
Should howver you be running Nokia Maps 3.04 (unlikely) you would need Malaysia
Base map/ClientIndex is not altered frequently so older version usually suffices.
If you need any further help on deploying decompressed .zip of (16) folders 0 - 9 and a - f to E:\cities\diskcache, please post again.
Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0