How to get  the actual data in ALV report

I am doing some upgradation work   in that i am using Submit  & And return and  also i am using some function modules like LIST FROM MEMORY , LIST TO TXT wnd WRITE LIST , it gives output in normal list format , But i need to print in ALV report .
With the use of set table for 1st display i got the  ALV report   but not with actual data, (some junk value is showing) , So can any 1 suggest me how to get  the  actual data in ALV report, With the use of  Any Function Module or with Coding,
with regards,

Hi Saravana
I am sure you must be getting the values in tables of table parameters from every FM.
consolidate the values from tables of all FMs in one table and built ALV for that table only.
I hope this way you can show the actual data in ALV.