How to hide preview configurator summary page when launching configurator from iStore

We have a requirement to hide preview configuration summary page in iStore whereas it should be visible when launching from other host applications.We tried doing it with help of usage functionality as below.
1) Create a usage with some name say “iStore” in configurator.
2) Take copy of summary with Status region template and add display condition to hide the summary region.
3) Take copy of the model active ui and attach the above template to it.
4) Publish the model with this new copy UI and usage as iStore to the host application.(There will be 2 publications one with this usage and other with normal)
5) Enable the profile CZ:Publication usage at application/responsibility levels for iStore.
With the above approach users are concerned that we need to maintain 2 User Interfaces in Configurator and each time any change has to be done both the user interfaces needs to be changes which will not be a feasible option in case of complex models.We would like to know if there is any other approach to hide this summary page from istore.
We are on R12.1.3 and are using fusion configurator engine.
Any suggestions on customizations/approach will be appreciated.

Create a Dynamic Action:
Event: Page Load
Condition: -No Condition -
True Actions
Action: Hide
Selection Type: jQuery Selector
Affected Elements: #t20PageHeader
Condition Type: Request = Expression 1
Expression 1: CRM