I have Icloud through Itunes and Purchased Icloud on my Ipad but when I Sync my my Ipad with my Itunes account it downlods my music directly to my Ipad Hard drive and it's taken up all my available memory storage. How can I load my ituse in Icloud

I have an Iclouds account through Itunes and also I paid to have and an Icloud account on my Ipad but when I sync my Itunes music it's not being stored in the Icloud but directly on my Ipad haard drive. I like to know what do I have to do to correct this problem.

Hey jousley33,
I see that you wish to have your music stored remotely and be able to access it via streaming on your iPad. This is a feature of the service called iTunes Match:
Apple - iTunes - iTunes Match
You may also be able to access the music that you have purchased through the iTunes Store remotely:
iCloud: What is “content everywhere”?
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