I have problems downloading flashlight for my phone. I am able to locate the /Bright Flashlight and I click on download but it takes me to another site where the download doesn't appear.

I am able to locate Bright Flashlight. I click on download and it takes me to a page with several items to put in a shopping cart but no downloads. The initial link shows it as a free download. Is there any way to download this from my computer and send it to my phone?

Got it to work through my screen Thanks
Now I have another question. I received some photos through in text messages. I wanted to transfer them to my PC. After struggling for a while, I was able to email them. However, I could not find a way to transfer them to my memory card. I read the instruction manual that said to go to recent on any screen. I could find no recent. I couldn't find any link when I brought the photos up to save them to my card. I do find this smart phone a real challenge from compared to what I referred to as my "Dumb Phone" I see where there are classes for the use of these phones but they are too far from where I live. So how can I save to my card?