In Business Rule child elements of Unbounded element are not visible.

Hi All,
Jdev version
I am facing one issue in Business Rule...
Scenario: I am creating Approval Service (BPEL) with Human Work flow and Bunises Rule.
I am assingning participant in HW by using Rule based(Connecting HW and BR).
Problem here is:
Shema has "unbounded" element.
<element name="ExpenseItem" maxOccurs="unbounded">
       <element name="ItemID" type="string"/>
       <element name="ItemName" type="string"/>
       <element name="ItemPrpjectID" type="string"/>
       <element name="ItemStatus" type="string"/>
Whenever I create Busines rules to configure rules.
While configuring rules child elements of  ExpenseItem are not visible. But those are neccesary to configure rules.
If you can help to me resolve would help.
Is it a bedault behaviour of BR? If so how can i acheive this?

Solution found:
Click on RuleSet which you have created.
Expand Rule inside it.
Enable Advanced mode and Tree mode and click OK.
Select Root as Task and click on insert pattren and create pattren which is based on unbounded element (here its meant as fact)
Once you create pattren , will be able access elements under unbounded element for Business rule configuration.