Info on JFormattedTextField

Which is the best way to transfer from JFormattedTextField to database. The conventional way of getting Text and inserting into database or Is there any other way where u can connect to database field directly like in VB or any other packages.
Also based on events like LostFocus of InFocus of JFormattedTextField, I need to write different codes. Where do I get such examples.?

Strange, until today I do not remember ever hearing about this view before today and now I see two requests for information about this view.
All I know is that the 11g Reference manual entry for my downloaded version it is devoid of information and does not even show the column datatypes. I had no luck looking on the online docs either.
Now I am curious.
Just tagging along to see if anyone knows anything.
Apparently this undocumented view is related to the AWR.
-- Mark D Powell --