Installing wildcard certificate in a WLC (ver 7.0.240 and 7.5.102)

Is it possible to install a widcard certificate for web auth in those versions?
Is there any difference between this two versions.
Are both of them versions supporting wildcards certificates?
Here you have the log file resulting of installing the wildcart certificate in the wlc with v 7.0.240.
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:51.117: Memory overcommit policy changed from 0 to 1
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:51.319: Delete ramdisk for ap bunble
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:51.432: RESULT_STRING: TFTP Webauth cert transfer starting.
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:51.432: RESULT_CODE:1
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.434: Locking tftp semaphore, pHost= pFilename=/wild2013_priv.pem
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.516: Semaphore locked, now unlocking, pHost= pFilename=/wild2013_priv.pem
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.516: Semaphore successfully unlocked, pHost= pFilename=/wild2013_priv.pem
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.517: TFTP: Binding to local= remote=
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.588: TFP End: 1666 bytes transferred (0 retransmitted packets)
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.589: tftp rc=0, pHost= pFilename=/wild2013_priv.pem
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.589: RESULT_STRING: TFTP receive complete... Installing Certificate.
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:55.589: RESULT_CODE:13
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.590: Adding cert (5 bytes) with certificate key password.
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.590: RESULT_STRING: Error installing certificate.
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.591: RESULT_CODE:12
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.591: ummounting: <umount /mnt/download/ >/dev/null 2>&1>  cwd  = /mnt/application
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.624: finished umounting
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.903: Create ramdisk for ap bunble
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:20:59.904: start to create c1240 primary image
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:21:01.322: start to create c1240 backup image
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:21:02.750: Success to create the c1240 image
*TransferTask: Nov 28 11:21:02.933: Memory overcommit policy restored from 1 to 0
(Cisco Controller) >
Would I have the same results in wlc with  v 7.5.102?
Thank you.

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