Is there an update for Nokia 701 which supports SN...

I am new in Nokia development.
I have a Nokia 701 (SW version 111.020.0307 - Symbian Belle).
I want to develop a NFC application which sends NDEF messages (through SNEP protocol) to an Android phone (Ice cream).
From what I could see till now, the SW version that I have in my Nokia phone does not support SNEP.
I want to know if there is any SW update for Nokia 701 which supports SNEP.

Just adding more information in order to clarify my questions related to this post.
I am pretty new in Nokia developing. Actually this is the first application I was asked to develop/change.
I work to a company which has a client that has an application that runs in Nokia 701 (SW version  111.020.0307 - Symbian Belle). They want us to change this application in order to be able to send NDEF messages through SNEP protocol.
From what I could see till now, current SW version in the Nokia 701 does not support SNEP.
I also saw that new QTMobility versions support SNEP. I would like to know if I download the Nokia SDK and the new QTFramework/QTMobility:
1- I would be able to change the existing application to send NDEF messages through SNEP.
2- Would the modified application run in the current  Nokia 701 SW release? Or we would have to install any new lib to have it working?
 3- Where can I find which QTFramework/QTMobility version are supported in current SW 111.020.0307 - Symbian Belle?
Sorry if my questions are very rudimentary, but, as I said, I am new in the company and pretty new in Nokia development. All those terms  QTFramework/QTMobility are new to me.
Thanks in advance,