ITune will no longer download podcast episodes

Okay, as the subject line said, I can't no longer download any podcast episode.  This started to happen after I updated my Norton software last weekend.  Now I can't play any episodes that were downloaded before the Norton update.  I can still "grab" new episodes, but they show up with an exclamation mark right next to them as if the file hasn't been downloaded, but I can stream those files as if I am listening to internet radio.  Obviously, I can't import those new episodes to my iPod because they aren't downloaded files.  Also, my entire library of music are no longer playable in iTune as well.  As of now, the only thing iTune is good for on my computer is listening to podcast episodes through internet streaming.  I'm running a Window Vista 32-bit system.  Help, anyone?

I'm having this exact same problem. Here's how it happened for me:
I was in my house about to leave waiting for someone, and it dawned on me to download some new or recent episodes of a podcast. I went into the Podcast app and started them, and then locked my device thinking that the episodes would be downloading. Little did I know they weren't on my wifi for some reason. I found this out when the person I was waiting for was ready to leave so we could go somewhere and I unlocked my phone in the car. At that point I switched over to LTE and the oldest of these 3 episodes I wanted to download started downloading and was completed in seconds. When it got to the other 2 remaining episodes, they both just had the status of "Preparing to download..." With the loading wheel that tells you how much has been downloaded at 0%. Still right now it's like this. Could this just be an issue with LTE, the podcast, or any of iTunes podcasts as a whole?