Laser Jet 1020 will no longer print Internet/email. Error message is res://ieframe/dll/preview.js

Laser Jet 1020 used to print just fine from internet explorer. Suddenly it quit printing and I get an error message res://ieframe.dll/preview.js  The bottom of the error message asks if I want to cancel script. Prints fine from other windows applications. From the Internet, the correct printer is selected? Any suggestions?!

The issue is caused when Windows creates the printer profile in the control panel that it doesn't correctly create it with the drivers.
We're not going to completely uninstall all the HP software, instead we're going to remove the corrupt Windows printer profile and reinstall it.  Total time for this on an average computer is about 5-10 minutes to completely repair (including reboot).
1) Navigate to Start Menu > Devices and Printers or Start Menu > Control Panel > Printers
2) Select each printer profile for the printer with an issue, then select remove device/printer.
3) Reboot
4) Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > HP > insert model # here > Add Printer (or Setup Wizard)
5) Follow the setup prompts to reinstall the printer profile and it recreates the Windows printer.
6) Run the HP Update Tool from Start Menu > All Programs > HP if your printer installs it, rebooting afterwards if necessary.
7) Test by printing (uses very little ink when the test page comes out).
Let me know if you have any questions or issues.
I work for an internation tech company and personally perform thousands of computer repairs a year. I'm based out of the US working for a US company, and have been working on computers for over 13 years.
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