Limitation on functionality on Nokia Lumias

What is true on these limitations?
101 reasons not to buy a Nokia Lumia 
I wanted to buy a new Lumia, but if these limitations are true I wont buy it and I will tell everone about these lomitations. So please answer!

Most of these limitations listed are indeed true.
Not all though, like not being able to set MP3 ringtones (You can using Zune) or that the wifi sleeps when the screen goes off (=true) so that downloads are broken off (= not true, as the wifi is then kept alive untill the download finishes), music player staying on lock screen (can be turned off in settings).
Also some of these limitations are also applicable to various Symbian models itself. (Need to buy 3rd party app to block calls, was free in older Symbian phones. And also on Symbian MMS requires data, it just has the option to automatically swithch it on.).
But that is not the point I want to make.
The point is more, that if you take iPhone, you can easily make a similar list.
And even Android doesn't have all the features that Symbian had.
And last, I can also make a long list of Windows Phone features, that Symbian doesn't have.
So it all depends what you expect from a phone.
Also since Symbian is end-of-life, there are in essence 3 options (or 4 if you count that Canadian company) left. If you want full tweakability Android may be more of your liking, but rest asure that also has its issues.