Nokia E72: Memory full. Delete or move some data f...

HI All,
I've recently purchased a Nokia E72 phone for business use and after about three days of trouble-free operation it has suddenly run out of space on the phone system drive C:. This is very surprising as I am not aware of installing any apps or generating any content on C: since the last time I verified the available space exceeding 120 MB.
I keep on getting a message "Memory full. Delete or move some data from C: Phone memory.", am unable to enter the menu and the phone keeps on rebooting.
I've read a couple of posts from others experiencing this problem on various places on the Internet but no signs of a solution. Does anybody else have the same problem and/or knows the solution?
I would really appreciate any advice you could give me!

This is just my experience of "older" phones and memory issues; 
If Opera (mini) is installed, uninstall it.
Restart the phone...reinstall this "critical" application on C.
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