Nokia Lumia 1520 screen sensitivity problem

I'm sooooo disappointed with Nokia, aaaaaah!, so much money for this nonsense, try using what's up, it's a nightmare, someone please give me a nock on the head and tell me I'm dreaming. Please take this crappie back
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I. did tthatt,,here see for yourself, itts. Still the same , this is not a. Typing eerrrror. When I. Click bbackssspace, it goes to binng,,, when I. Go to what's up. Chat. It type. Things bbbby. itself and send. I. also tried to. Chhaange touch sensitivity to normal,,it. just freeze. I'm evven. thinking of switching it off cccoz. itts annoying me aaand. get. Myself a. R100 phone bbbut. Problem how wiil. I. Seeeee my. emails . truly speaking this is my. Lasst. Nokia evver