Nokia Lumia 920 India Launch ! - Some Observations...

Being a Nokia fan for years .. I decided to write this .. I hope people at the right level from Nokia see this.
We all know Nokia Lumia 920 has probably hit all the right spots with Users abroad and the best thing is they are loving it a lot. I probably would like to be one of them soon.
However I have certain concerns,
When Nokia launced Lumia in India people had high hopes including myself however one thing that I have always found going wrong is the 'PRICING' .. yes such insanely high pricing at launch .. why ? Look at the pricing of Lumia 800 at launch (around 33k) . Look at the pricing of Lumia 900 still (31k) ? .. Lumia 800 now sells around at the price of 19k !! - almost a 40% drop in price.
The basic thinking in the minds of people including me is 'Don't buy a Nokia phone immediately on launch !!'. Why can't this be changed ? - Yes everybody wants to earn profits but in a situation wherein you are more in search for Mindshare .. This does not make sense. Obviously I am no one to teach anybody anything but this is what I feel & what I have felt for years.
If I buy a Nokia Lumia 920 at launch only to find that after 3 months the pricing has come down by 3-5k .. I will not be a Happy Consumer.
Nokia - Launch Lumia 920 at a very competitive price (so that the likes of SGS3 & HTC 8x will feel ashamed) .. Arrive at a price & keep it steady for real long so that the initial adopters are happy & others come to know that Nokia's pricing is real good and will stay that way for long.
Nokia's Lumia are pretty good phones .. they never lag when compared to Android etc however they have not been well received by people here in India. The most common answer that I get is 'Bluetooth not there - can't transfer files' , 'Can't use memory card ' & 'Apps not available'.
Nokia - you have to change this mindset of people because with Windows Phone 8 these things are no longer hindrances ! .. especially Bluetooth & Micro-sd support.
I am expecting your Ads to have this .. be it on Radio or TV or Internet.
Can we have right people on the Job ? - Recently I went to Hypercity Mall (in Mumbai) (Nokia booth). I took in my hand a Lumia 510. I asked how much RAM ? .. to my surprise he answered 512 Mb .. and I was like What ? I asked him to recheck - still the same answer. He said we have confirmed. The phone actually comes with 256 Mb of RAM.
Now imagine what happens to a consumer who brought this phone from him ?
Nokia - Please get the right people at task for Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 because there you have got some real innovations like PureView, OIS, Wireless Charging etc. Ensure that users get the right demo of all the innovations. First impression will be the Last impression.
At Malls (without Nokia booths), the 2 phones Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 lonely guard the booths .. with rarely anybody there to explain about them. Just on the side of it I find Samsung's booth with all the latest flagships standing there & probably someone to explain about it - however Android needs no explanation these days will all aware about it (& even if not aware they know a phone with it is Cool!).
Nokia - Please set your own booths for Lumia (both WP8 & WP7) & assign one of your Guys per Booth. I really don't know the dynamics of setting up booth at a mall & the financial impact of it. All you need to do is differentiate your Lumia's from others.
Alternatively you can have a Lumia Van (or Lumia Vans) running around the City with all the possible Lumia's on it for doing Demo's. All Lumia's - since a person can come up to check a Lumia 510 too & not having a specific Lumia means Dissatisfaction for the user.
Nokia Lumia 920,820 & 620 are gem of a phones .. Hope everything is done right with them in a price sensitive market like India & I hope that Nokia you are listening to a User's opinion here.
Here's someone who wishes real good things for Nokia. Good luck with the launch of Nokia Lumia 920, 820 & 620. Desperately waiting !!

Hi slon!
Welcome to Nokia Forum!
Let me answer your question in the same manner you have presented it. 
1. How can I configure networking option for individual application (it was standard option before, see N8)
- Can you tell me which particular application/s you are referring to? The phone prioritizes WLAN connection over 3G to ensure quality customer experience.
Example: Nokia Maps - when downloading map data, it would require you to use WLAN as phone would require high amount of data.
2. Where can I find the option like: Automatic, Always ask, WLAN only when using access to data connection
- These options are not available on the device. However, you can find some settings that are similar to what you are looking for:
Settings>Wifi>Tap on Advanced> you will have the following options:
Notify me when new networks are found
Automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots
Send information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi
Keep Wi-Fi on when the screen times out