Nokia N86 8MP

Can you set this phone so it can have moving wallpapers (bmp). I put a few on it and the all stay as static images.
Also I downloaded some Graphics for my phone (SIS File) it's an animated clock, being dumb I don't know where or what to do with it?

Thanks for the correction Big 'Orra, can I make another suggestion then. Bin them,! try a couple of sites that provide advice on themes, where you can get them free. I recommend Tehkseven or Nokia users, but there are many others which I'm sure my esteemed colleagues can suggest and are mentioned in other sections of this forum. You will find ways to change the appearance of your phone and instructions on installation etc . I have loads of themes on my phone and have tried many others, some work, some don't. So if they don't work. or I don't like them I simply delete.
Good Luck
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