Nokia N97 software update V20

All Those out there Running  V12 on the unlocked Vodaphone N97. That are now on  02  V20 is now ready for download on the Nokia updater Suite Or Ovi Suite In the UK
Ps don't forget to backup all the stuff on your N97 first on Nokia suite.
The update has cleared loads of bugs from what Phone 
Touch screen does not lag or Stick when going down the Screen
Music player has had a make over
Video Player folder has been updated
As has the Picture folder 
Ringtone now Rings in the Tone you set. Not the default tone
The home screen looks  more cleaned up
There must be Load more treaks that have gone on
but I have not found Yet
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updating to new firmware depends on product code which represents your region of purchasing, language pack and if it's branded or not .... so NOKIA releases firmwares and release it for every product code depending on mentioned points if ur product code hasn't the v.21 update, that means that nokia didn't release it for your product code yet or your phone is branded with an operator and that means that you should go to the operator care center
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Started From Nokia 3310 , Now with Nokia N97 v.22.0.110 + N900 PR1.2