Nokia Ovi Suite has lost connection with your devi...

5 months has passed and many hours on the phone to Nokia. The phone has been completely reset /reboot by Nokia time and time again and still the phone gets this message when trying to update software..."Nokia Ovi Suite has lost connection with your device"....We were optimistic that the software upgrade would solve the other problems we are having with all the Nokia phones at work. They are all E52's

Having the same issue currently with an E72 software version is and Ovi Suite
Actually I had connection lost all the time with all previous versions of Ovi Suite too... it has never been reliable.
Using original Nokia USB cable, connected securely. Tried different PCs, different USB ports, same issue.
Just now I'm trying software update and it looses connection during the backup process all the time... very disappointing. Screenshot attached if anybody is interested.
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