Pages Document created on Macbook Air cannot be opened on Ipad Mini. I get a message that reads, "only documents saved in pages '09 may be opened." These devices are one week old and I just downloaded Pages for each.

I just got a Macbook Air running 10.8.2 and an iPad Mini. I downloaded Pages for both. I created a document in pages on the MBair and tried to save it to the iPad Mini so I could work on it while commuting and the file does not show up on the mini. I have tried to saved the file through iTunes app page and the message keeps telling me I can only transfer files saved in Pages 09. What gives? I can transfer files made in Microsoft word no problem, but files made in the same program do not work. Any help?? Very frustrating.

You are aware that Pages for Mac and Pages for iPad /iPhone/iPod are 2 different program?
Looks like you have Pages for Apple mobile devices but not for your Mac.
If that's the case
Pages for Mac:
Pages for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch: