Safari 6 on Mac Osx 10.7.4

I have update Safari version and now I have Safari 6 on Mac OsX 10.7.4. I am facing few issues. Please help me resolve these.
1) I cannot see google sitemaps on this. When I open Sitemaps in web master tools, page header and menu loads, but not the sitemaps. It is working fine in other browsers.
2) Sometimes, when I start typing in text area, the first line is not visible. It goes above the visible area and I can see from 2nd line. I did not have this issue in previous versions and other browsers, working fine.
Hoping to hear some solutiosn soon and Thanks in advance.

For some reason, i had changed the safari to load as 32 bit. And today I un-checked this option and now it is working properly.