Screen Error while saving VA02 Transaction

Dear All,
Yesterday there was a sudden power failure in my company. Even UPS also got fail. Due to which some errors are coming in Production Server.
The error is coming in VA02 transaction while saving the transaction. The error is: "SAP SYSTEM MESSAGE - ERROr IN LOADING SCREEN: NO END LABEL".
Here is the below log from SM21 transaction.
Date : 31.10.2009
Time -Type-Nr-Clt-User-TCode-Priority-Grp-N-Text
18:54:00-DIA-000-554-ITDEPT--VA02-D0-1-ransaction Canceled 00 029 ( SAPLSPO2 0301 )
R4-7-Delete session 001 after error 024
So can you please explain, what I need to do to resolve the error. Although I have already activated the program SAPMV45A.

This link describes similar circumstances.
Error Loading Screens - No End Label
No solution was found and OSS logging was suggested.