Standard report for period end stock report

Hi all,
My client is looking for a SAP standard report for material.Their req is as follows.
Open Bal (Stock)
Add: Purchase/Production
Less: Sales/Consumption
Closing Bal(Stock)
I have sugegested them MC.9,MB51,etc....but they are not satified.
They are not willing to go for a 'Z' report too....
Can any one suggest me whether their is any function module or bapi or badi thro' which i can fullfill my clients req. or any other better alternative like report painter,set,etc which suit my requirement.
(can you please let me know from table i can get these datas......just for knowledge purpose)
hope that anybody will guide me...
We are in 6.0 version
God Bless

Try Standard Report MB5B once.