Using Command and N is supposed to open a new Document in Preview?

I know that by copying something and then moving to Preview and clicking Command + N should create a new pdf document in Preview. How is it I cannot do this? I cannot open Preview as a blank open application. On opening Preview, I get the grey screen/window that allows me to open an existing document from My Mac or iCloud, but Command + N does nothing. Because of the silly system of not being able to print a selection, I am trying to copy to a pdf format in Preview via the method mentioned above and found in these discussion groups.
Is there some setting to Preview that allows me to do this and open a clipboard copy so that I can print the thing? I am trying in Safari and the answer appears to be a lemon!

In trying to get over the problem I copied from Safari, opened Pages and a new blank document, created a Text Box, and pasted the clipboard in to it.
The net result was that in copying that Text Box, then partially opening Preview, I could then create the document in it. So again, I have to say that I may as well just copied the lot to Pages and printed that rather than go through the Preview hoop.
I have to say, I do think the lacking of a "Print Selection" sequence is a bit of a Bloomer from Apple, but I suspect there are an awful lot of people who have informed them of the short-comings!
As you may have guessed, I am relatively new to iMAC and its' little foibles!!