What are the right names for the 2 OHS?

Currently we have 2 options for an HTTP Web Server for APEX:
- An Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) from the database companion CD.
- An Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) from the Oracle Application Server.
The first OHS is based on Apache 1.3.x and the second on Apache 2.0.x.
What are the right way to reference them so people know what your are talking about? In the manuals they are just called OHS but since they are not the same I would like to distinguish them some way. What do you call them?
Regards Pete

OK now I think got it:
OHS from the database companion CD and from the Application Server are both based on an Apache 1.3.x HTTP server.
On the Oracle Application Server companion CD is an OHS based on an Apache 2.0.x HTTP server. This release does not contain the mod_plsql module an can therefor not be used for APEX.
Regards Pete