What in God's name is it with Safari 4.0.3 Tiger and iTunes 9.0.1?

This concatenation of "maybe-it'll-work-THIS-time" software crudpacks has been the most time-wasting, anti-productivity experience I've had in 20 years of owning Macs. I now have iTunes 9.0.1 working, but I have no idea how I got it to happen. None of my THREE installs of iTunes 9.0.1 has included an "iTunes Media Folder," don't know why, but thank God. My latest joy has to do with the System Requirements Apple insists upon for iTunes 9.0.1 running on Tiger 10.4.11:
iTunes 9.0.1/Safari 4.0.3 Tiger/Quicktime 7.6.4/Security Update (the latest one)
I have everything installed EXCEPT Safari 4.0.3 Tiger. Why? That's what I'm trying to find out.
FOUR times now I've downloaded -- from Apple's download site -- the dmg of Safari 4.0.3 Tiger. FOUR times I've gone through the entire install sequence with no error messages or glitches, FOUR times I've restarted to "finish installing the software, and FOUR times no Safari application or related files has shown up on my drive. Could someone explain this?

I'm terribly sorry to have taken up your valuable time, but many "Upgrades" install the entire program, whether a previous version was installed or not (just today, I upgraded Photogrid X, for which I have a license, WITHOUT a copy of the previous PhotoGridX anywhere on my drive. A miracle of modern science!). Many "Upgrades" that require a previously-installed version either tell you so in the documentation (Apple says NOTHING on their download page* about requiring a previous version of Safari), on the install splash screen, or at some point in the install process. Pretty stupid of me, but even more stupid (and arrogant) of Apple, who apparently operate on the belief that if you use a Mac, you use Safari. I loathe Safari, which has been a crippled browser from the get-go, in my opinion. In addition to that, even before the dreaded update, my example of Safari was locking up all over the place, and refusing to display, for instance, eBay photo galleries created in Vendio -- which is the image-hosting service I use. Why would I keep Safari on a limited-space notebook hard drive if I didn't use it? If Apple required it for the installation of the latest "upgrade, " why didn't they say so in their "requirements*" blurb?
No, "'FOUR times' does not count as troubleshooting facts, nor was it intended to do so. Losing a week in downtime isn't a troubleshooting fact, either, but that's hardly the point. To have a piece of software that can't install without a previous version being present, and not having a warning in the documentation, is an unnecessary waste of my time, and--I know I'm not the ONLY moron that uses a Mac -- the time of many other people.
*Apple's Safari 4.0.3 DL page REQUIREMENTS:
Macintosh Requirements
Any Mac running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 or Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 and Security Update 2009-002
Mac with an Intel processor or a Power PC G5, G4, or G3 processor and built-in FireWire®
256MB of RAM
Top Sites and Cover Flow on Mac OS X Tiger require a Quartz-Extreme compatible video card.
Do YOU see anything in there about requiring a previous version of Safari to install?
Here's a deal -- next time you see a post from me, just ignore it. I'd hate for you to waste your time on a rant.
And OH YES, I realize you're volunteers here -- sometimes it's painfully obvious. Do you realize that MY time is valuable -- though obviously not nearly as valuable as yours?