White screen  buzzing noise and no question mark folder just white screen

So i noticed my macbook pro was slowing down and a ran disk warrior and disk utilities - repaired permissions , repaired drive then i noticed it was freezing up after 5 minutes of running.
so i removed all files i wanted to keep to an external drive and backed up with time machine.
I wanted to re install mac os X from the supplied DVD and it was going fine til about 2/3rds the way and it froze
now i turn the computer on and i get buzzing sound and white screen NOT even a question mark flashing folder.
I have tried :
PRAM reset = nothing
eject disk on start= nothing
im under a year in purchase
but im wondering if there is anything i can do before i take it in on monday??
it is a Macbook pro (13 inch mid 2009) intel duo 2 core

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It sounds like the HD failed. Try inserting the OS X install Disc in the DVD drive this time re-starting holding down the Option Key. When it starts choose the OS X install Disc and allow it to get to the point where it asks what language. Then choose the Utilities menu and click the internal drive then check the S.M.A.R.T status of the drive, it should say Verified if it's OK. If it doesn't try repairing the disk several times and see if the S.M.A.R.T status changes. If it doesn't make an appointment here and take it in.