Why Can't Camera Work with Windows Messenger for Mac and give output video?

I can see from the other end, but my camera won't come on so they can't see me. I hear them and can type in Messenger, but I'd like to have 2-way video, not just receive.
My camera works as I use it in Photo Booth, so that's not the problem. I can't find a way to setup the video within Messenger. Don't know if it's problem with Messenger or Leopard.
Whatever it is, it's very annoying that I can't output video.
Anyone with similar problem or have the answer? I'd be forever grateful!

Microsoft Messenger doesn't have video support on the Mac version. If you want crossplatform videochat, ask your friends to join AOL Instant Messenger. You can get video chat crossplatform between AOL Instant Messenger for PC & Apple's iChat which supports AOL Instant Messenger screen names. Skype is crossplatform too. An open source program called ophonex supports Microsoft Messenger's Netmeeting protocol for video chat as well. IRC is also crossplatform in videochat though its setup is a bit more complicated with the software known as Ircle for the Mac.
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